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United States Congress

Congressman Jimmy Gomez proudly represents California’s 34th Congressional District, one of the most diverse and culturally rich districts in the country. He is an Assistant Whip in the 116th Congress and a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means. Congressman Gomez is also a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), and a Vice-Chair of the Future Forum. Prior to his election to Congress in June of 2017, Congressman Gomez served four and a half years in the California State Assembly where he served as Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. In the Assembly, Congressman Gomez distinguished himself as a proven national champion of paid family leave and combating climate change. He became a key figure in authoring landmark legislation to address public health, environmental justice, water conservation, access to education, civic engagement, campaign finance disclosure, LGBT rights, and affordable housing.

United States Congressman Jimmy Gomez


California State Senate and Assembly

State Senator María Elena Durazo proudly serves California’s 24th State Senate District. Prior to being elected to the State Senate, she was an American trade union official. In addition to her union work, María Elena has served on many civic commissions and boards. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley appointed her to the Los Angeles Commission on Airports and Mayor Richard Riordan appointed her to the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Committee. She has also served on the California State Coastal Commission. She was the first female Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, the second largest labor council in the country and served on the National AFL-CIO Executive Council.

California State Senator María Elena Durazo

State Assemblymember Miguel Santiago represents California’s 53rd Assembly District, one of the most vibrant and diverse districts in California. Since his election, Miguel Santiago has worked to provide housing for Californians experiencing homelessness and stimulate the development of more affordable housing in his district and across the state. He continues to work on expanding childcare, has authored some of California’s toughest gun safety regulations, and fights for the fair and equal treatment of hardworking families. Assemblymember Santiago currently serves as Chair of the powerful Communications and Conveyance Committee where he led the efforts to pass the “Internet for All Now Act of 2017” to ensure broadband access throughout California. He also sits on four other key Assembly Committees: Health, Higher Education, Public Safety, and Utilities & Energy Committees.

California State Assemblymember Miguel Santiago

State Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager represents California’s 54th Assembly district. As Chair of the Select Committee on Incarcerated Women, Kamlager is focused on reviewing and reforming policies to support the health, dignity and rehabilitation of women in prison. Kamlager serves on the Penal Code Revision Committee. The Committee, directed by Governor Gavin Newsom, studies and recommends ways to simplify and rationalize the substance and procedure of criminal law in California. She also sits on the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

California State Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager


Los Angeles City Council

City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell proudly serves L.A.’s 13th Council district. O’Farrell began his public service in 2002 under the leadership of then Councilmember, Eric Garcetti. O’Farrell’s experience as a field deputy, district director, and senior advisor to the former City Council President have provided valuable insight on how to make government work better for the people of his district. O’Farrell was elected to office in 2013 to succeed now Mayor Eric Garcetti as the Councilmember of the 13th district. O’Farrell is the Chair of the Homelessness and Poverty Committee; Vice Chair of the Arts, Parks, Health, Entertainment, Education, Neighborhoods, and River Committee; Vice Chair of Public Safety; and a committee member of Public Works and Gang Reduction; Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice; and Public Safety. He is deeply passionate about giving back to his community, supporting families, the arts, habitat preservation, and open space. He has volunteered or held leadership positions in several non-profit organizations such as the California Wilderness Coalition, Project Angel Food, The Wildlife Waystation, and the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, an organization that provides after-school classical music lessons to children in the Los Angeles Unified School District in traditionally underserved communities.

L.A. City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell

City Councilmember Gil Cedillo serves L.A.’s 1st Council district. Councilmember Gil Cedillo brings 15 years of legislative experience to the City Council. Having served as a member of the State Assembly and Senate, he authored over a hundred bills that were signed into law by four different Governors that include Pete Wilson, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jerry Brown. Most were groundbreaking and innovative pieces of legislation that included cleaning up California’s brownfields, state oversight and fair share zoning for transitional and emergency homeless shelters (SB 2), workers’ right to organize (AB 1889), Downtown Rebound (AB 2870), and the California Dream Act (AB 130 and 131). Cedillo’s advocacy on behalf of underserved communities is legendary. His causes have ranged from becoming a formidable counterweight to the inhumane crusade against undocumented families, to his unwavering support for Filipino American World War II veterans, the uninsured, low-income and working families, the homeless, and AB 540 “dream” students. He has worked diligently to mainstream all of their agendas, one community at a time.

L.A. City Councilmember Gil Cedillo

City Councilmember Paul Koretz serves L.A.’s 5th Council district. In 2000, he was elected to the California State Assembly, representing the 42nd Assembly District that included much of the City of L.A.'s 5th District. While serving in the State Assembly, he authored over 70 bills to protect workers and their families, fought for LGBTQ equality and for live-saving public safety and health care measures including legislation to reduce gun violence. Councilmember Koretz currently serves on the L.A. City Council, where he champions environmental protection including fighting climate change, conserving water, and protecting our natural resources. Koretz is leading the fight against our city’s long-time homelessness problem. During his years of elected service, Councilmember Koretz has delivered on his commitment to governmental efficiency, transparency, accountability, and accessibility – principles that have guided his life of activism, service, and leadership.

L.A. City Councilmember Paul Koretz

City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson proudly represents L.A.’s 8th Council District and chairs the city’s Planning Land Use and Management committee. City Councilmember Harris-Dawson has introduced policies that combat homelessness, create quality jobs, clean streets, and encourage community policing. Beginning in 2004, Councilmember Harris-Dawson succeeded U.S. Congresswoman Karen Bass as President and CEO of Community Coalition - one of the most progressive nonprofits in the city. Harris-Dawson has received various community commendations, recognition, and awards such as the coveted Do Something “BRICK” Award, The Wellness Foundation Sabbatical Award, the NAACP Man of Valor Award, Durfee Foundation’s Stanton Fellowship, and Liberty Hill Foundation’s Upton Sinclair Award. He also served as a board member for the Liberty Hill Foundation. He holds a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and is an Aspen Institute Pahara Fellow.

L.A. City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson


The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is a global nonprofit organization representing and coordinating a membership of over 100 national United Nations Associations (UNAs) and their thousands of constituents. Guided by their vision of a United Nations that is a powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities, WFUNA works to strengthen and improve the United Nations. WFUNA achieves this through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation – global citizens.

World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)

KYCC was established in 1975 to support a growing population of at-risk youth in Los Angeles. Today, KYCC is the leading multiservice organization in Koreatown, supporting children and their families in the areas of education, health, housing, and finances. We believe that if the family is healthy, our community will thrive. KYCC is committed to making Koreatown a safe and beautiful place to live and work. The mission of KYCC is to serve the evolving needs of the Korean American population in the greater Los Angeles area as well as the multiethnic Koreatown community. KYCC’s programs and services are directed toward recently immigrated, economically disadvantaged youth and families, and promote community socioeconomic empowerment.

Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC)

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